Maiela, an immigrant in Staten Island

When we came to this country, Anaeli, my elder daughter, was 4 years old. It was a bit difficult for her to adapt to this new culture and to communicate in another language. During her first years of school, her reading level was very low. Now she is in fourth grade, her reading level has increased hugely. This year she was the super-reader of the school. This award has increased her love of reading even more. If we didn’t have the library perhaps my daughter’s progress would not be the same.

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Jing, an immigrant in Manhattan

For new immigrants, English classes provided by the library are extremely helpful for them to get information, make new friends and improve English. Many of my classmates from the library’s English classes have found better jobs, got citizenship or entered colleges. My father reads Chinese newspaper everyday there. The rich collection in Chinese literacy helped him a lot when he first arrived in New York from Beijing.


City residents who are either immigrants or children of immigrants

An immigrant in Manhattan

"I think helping the community to be integrated is amazing."

I never thought when I first came to this country that I will find people that wanted to help me without asking me for anything. Since the moment I had my first class (ESOL) I felt very welcome. I think helping the community to be integrated is amazing. I just have been here for four months and my English is getting better and better.

Maggie, a student in Queens


Number of immigrants living in New York City

Before I enter community college, the Adult Learning Center in Flushing Library helped me a lot. I attend this program for around one and half year. I was not sure about my ability to study in college. The classes there helped me to build my basic English.

Yunona, an immigrant in Brooklyn

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Library help all of us who immigrate from different countries to survive and to come through the process of adaptation to new circumstances in new environment. I start to learn English and basic computer skills here. I became a register nurse and continue my education on Family Nurse Practitioner Program. When my daughter was a little girl, she attended all activities offered by the library, where she improve her skills in art. She graduated from LaGuardia High School for the Arts with the award in her major and got admitted to Pratt Institute to learn architecture.